When an Owner or Operator of a building mandates sustainability for their building through the many standards available, LEED®, Green Globes®, NGBS®, and BREEM®, it becomes extremely important for the Architecture/Consulting Engineering Team to properly vet out the requirements for true energy savings and sustainability. The difference between providing “bolt on” green ideas to actually integrating the engineering concepts into a constructible and cost effective design is the true challenge. FEA will demonstrate how this is done so that not only does Ownership benefit, but the public, customers, and building users will appreciate and enjoy using a building that does not deviate from a real sustainability approach. From the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic array in the U.S. to the first LEED® casino designed and certified, FEA continues to push this noble and essential aspect of building environments.

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"Engineering is secondary to vision"

- Cynthia Ozick