FEA Green Competition... Ever heard the term "Practice what you preach"?

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FEA "Green" Competition

Ever heard the term "Practice what you preach"? FEA's staff was put to the challenge to develop "Green" ideas for our office. The resultant "Think Tank" process brought about incredible innovation that ranged from grass roots, no-cost implementations to sophisticated retrofits that follow Green Building Council Operations procedures. We will be reporting on the various programs and resultant energy savings in the next few months.

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FEA Consulting Engineers is proud to introduce our new, full-service creative lighting design department, FEA Illumination Design Studio. It's chartered to provide comprehensive architectural lighting design services that create visually appealing lighting for building interiors, exteriors and landscaping, as well as choreographed theatrical treatments for live events and dramatic gallery settings for static displays.

In a tribute to neon such as Las Vegas, the best-intended lighting design can be rendered impotent by competing light sources. Complex shadows, shapes, reflections and invisible elements that only materialize when the switch is thrown add to the challenge of the art of illumination engineering and design. The lighting designers at FEA Illumination Design Studio are driven to understand your needs, and passionate about creative illumination solutions that reveal the heart and soul of your building's architectural elements.

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