FEA Green Competition... Ever heard the term "Practice what you preach"?

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Were talking about service that makes you comfortable with us as partners, not just engineers. Service that keeps you in the loop, makes you feel catered-to, and lets you know we have your needs in mind, not just our own ideas. This level of service is what also helps you look good to your clients.

We're Listening
At FEA, communication is the heart of successful engineering. More than blueprints, formulas and computer models, communication helps us define the issues clearly and find the best solution .

It's A Team Effort
We assign engineers and designers with expertise suited to the specific needs of your project, and they stick with it until its finished. Having the same team consistently working on a job makes sure time isnt spent re-learning what someone else already knows. We all have experience to bring to the table, and our team-based structure eliminates the strong start, weak finish syndrome that happens when the right people arent in place to see a job through.

We're Right At Home
FEA has been operating in Las Vegas since 1989, and our Principals have been working here for more than thirty years. That experience is vital in a market that demands so much of large building initiatives. Las Vegas is one of the strictest jurisdictions in the country when it comes to code compliance.


Engineering of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

Indoor Air Quality Evaluations

Energy and Technical Audits

Systems Evaluation and Life Cycle Cost Comparisons

Building Automation Systems (BAS) Design

Forensic Mechanical and Electrical Systems Analysis

Low Voltage Systems

Architectural Lighting Design

LEED Analysis and Design


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